A Chat with Alexandra Lúgaro, Candidate for Puerto Rico Governor

Mar 23, 2015
3:37 PM

UPDATE, March 27: A few days after this interview, local press reported that Lúgaro’s office was one of several companies raided by the FBI in an ongoing investigation surrounding fraud in the Department of Education. Lúgaro has already said that her copmpany has not committed any fraud, and many on the island feel that the recent news was part of a political smear campaign against her.

Earlier this morning, our own @julito77 chatted for about 20 minutes via phone with Alexandra Lúgaro, who is running as an independent for governor of Puerto Rico. Lúgaro’s announcement last week has caused a stir on the island, given that she is the first candidate in the history of Puerto Rico to run without any affiliation to any political party. Here is the full interview.