Racist ‘Patriots’ Berate Rep. Luis Gutiérrez at Town Hall and Tape It All (VIDEO)

Mar 27, 2015
4:51 PM

And you thought this was all going away? As reported by Mediaite with additional commentary from America’s Voice, the following is a series of videos showing how certain “patriots” addressed Rep. Luis Gutiérrez at a recent town hall meeting in California.

Here is the first video: “This was an event held at USC that was being conducted in Spanish only. In America, if you want to hear a Congressman talk you have to wear headphones to listen to the English translation.”

Another video: “Sí Se Puede = Yes we can, is a communist revolutionary slogan. This is what is being allowed to invade our country.”

In this video, “patriots” are asking the “real questions.”

One more video: “This conversation took place after an event where Rep. Luis Gutierrez told illegal immigrants the process to become citizens.”

Here is longer video of the same event, in case you didn’t get enough racism and ignorance.

Where have we heard all this hatred before? Oh yeah, Murrieta, California.