Our Community Has Spoken: Virtual Hologram Selena Is Just Creepy

Apr 8, 2015
5:24 PM

So we read this story from our dear friends at Remezcla, who had linked to the following official announcement from the Facebook fan page of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez:

#HappyTuesday Selena fans! SURPRISE!! Acrovirt, LLC announces the launch of Selena The One, the development of a…

Posted by Selena on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

That Facebook post led us to the Selena the One page.


According the site, there will be an Indiegogo campaign starting on April 16, asking fans to help funding Virtual Selena. The company is hoping to raise $500,000.

As you might imagine, we HAD to ask our Facebook community about this news. And not surprisingly, the most intelligent group of Facebook fans around had a lot to say about this project. Here are just a few of the comments:



Stop capitalizing off her death!

No thanks… All parties involved need to stop making money off her legacy and name. Bunch of opportunist, blood sucking vultures. [FULL DISCLOSURE: that one came from one our own Rebeldes.]

Not cool at all. Extremely creepy. Not too much into her stuff at all and therefore can’t call myself a fan. But for anyone who is gone, they should be allowed to live on through their art. When you think about it, this is kind of sick.

Just another way for her family to continue making money off of her. She is dead!!! Let her Rest in peace!!!!

As much as I love her and her music, I wouldn’t pay a cent to make that [expletive] family of hers any richer than what they are now. Let her rest in peace and enjoy her music from the comfort of your own homes. Her family has probably made much more profit in the 20 years since her death, than she ever did while she was doing what she loved to do.

Then there is this comment:

She’s dead. She doesn’t care if her family makes money off of her success. If people want to pay to watch, so be it. Don’t like it? Don’t go. Find something else to bitch about, I’m sure it won’t be difficult. PS, I vote for creepy. Carry on…

As you might expect, some were kind of intrigued:

Selena and Tupac concert!

They did it for Michael and Tupac, why not Selena?!?!

Wow would love to see that

Awesome Technology! I would like to see a CD Stereo that would project a Hologram of the singer right in your room while you play the disk!

And then some just thought we should have never even asked the question because we are just a bunch of pot stirrers (yawn):

I think y’all need to let it go.


Finally, one fan summed it up this way:

I predict it will be amazingly creepy

We will see, but in the meantime, we reached out to the group behind Virtual Selena to see what else they can share about this. Creepy, amazing or “amazingly creepy?”