Newest Anti-Immigration Tactic: Pit Black Against Brown

Apr 24, 2015
7:43 AM

As you know, we like to check out what’s new in Neo-Nativism, so we subscribe to the newsletters of several so-called “Patriot” groups. Last night we got this email from a Maryland group with the following subject line, “Can It Get Any Worse?” You can read more about the context of the email here and quickly realize that people are (not a surprise) being misinformed. (FYI, the schools are not “Hispanic only,” but why do facts matter to those who fear change?). Looks like promoting a divide and conquer strategy between communities of color is the new tactic.


Help Save Maryland Newsletter

Despite the election of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, when it comes to immigration issues and fairness for our families this state is still going down the tubes. Time and time again Hispanic illegal aliens, with help from CASA of Maryland and corrupt federal, state and local officials, are stealing tax resources from our citizens, especially from Black and African Americans to give to those without a legal or moral right to be in our state.

Below is a passionate letter from a HSM member Kenniss H. of Prince George’s County who has had enough with the helping illegal aliens over citizens.

Please read this important letter and pass it on to friends and family.

Then Sign the Petition below to let Governor Hogan know its time to put the brakes on illegal immigration in our state! No amnesty for illegal immigrants in Maryland!

April 15, 2015

RE: Segregated Schools for Hispanic Students in PGCPS

Position: Unfavorable

To Whom It Concern:

I am writing to express my dismay with any moves to use tax payer dollars to return our communities, and society in general, to the horrors of the past via a segregated educational system. Blacks and African Americans have historically fought for equal access to a quality education after four hundred years that span many spectrums to include no education, lack of access to education, refusal to allow Blacks and African Americans access to any type of education and/poor quality experiences. Our ancestors are looking at this move in horror; they must be wondering how anyone could reverse those milestones of accomplishments that brought us beyond segregation and segregated schools.

We live in a Global Society and as such, the expectation is that those who are empowered to make the best decisions for the good of the people are well-informed and capable of making tough decisions. We need to instill in our children a sense of belonging to a larger world community and these segregated schools are not the solution. Global lifestyles permit us to see the interwoven threads of other cultures and ethnic groups and this helps to promote acceptance and tolerance. A move to a segregated system brings so very many missed opportunities to include disallowing our children any true experiences to become prepared for the future.

In an inclusive environment, our children interact with each other and come to know how to celebrate different traditions, and lifestyles but this can never happen if tax payer dollars are used to support a digression to the past. Our expectation is that you are helping our children to learn to navigate the maze that is the ever changing global landscape. Our expectation is that you foster inclusive environments as this is how our children acquire knowledge of permanent lifestyles.

If you are not supporting the inclusion of global education in the curriculum then it is an obsolete curriculum. We must all be painfully concerned at the efforts to further isolate our students in the name of quality education. Please reference the attached chart (B) of mostly poor performing schools and note that it is not simply the heavily Hispanic populated schools that are failing but those with majority African American students, as well. Further, such a move is a misappropriation of tax payer dollars since the students at those poor performing elementary schools cannot make up and hence catch up all those years of poor performances in four years of high school. This is a disservice to our children who we view as our future leaders, scientists, physicians, lawyers and politicians. Further, this disservice will do more to disadvantage our communities and ultimately our global world footprint while sending the world a horrible message about what we are as opposed to who we say we are!!!!

Yet another missed opportunity to get to the root of the problem and turn around all of the poor performing elementary schools first Two taxpayer sponsored high schools will not solve the problem and if anything, will further exacerbate an already bad problem. One wonders if this segregated school solution is intentionally planned so as to send a message to Blacks and African Americans that Black Lives Do Not Matter! With all the black lives that have been lost and the very recent visibility of the nonchalant attitude to Black Lives such a move further diminishes our young Black students’ self-worth. One wonders if this move to segregated schools is a return to the times of “Black get Back or you are black and worthless!” We have heard this for over four hundred years and we have seen other ethnic groups push/stomp us into the ground and rise on the backs of our ancestors while we are barely crawling!!!!

How horrible since the general attitude seems to resonate that Blacks are lazy, worthless and without purpose. Sadly, this move resonates an unspoken and painful mind-set that not all children can learn; it appears that you have chosen those that you believe are worthy. You must not move forward with this digressive move backwards to the days of White only water fountains by supporting PGCPS Hispanic only Schools. Further, the record for the better performing schools on the attachment B are all heavily Hispanic populated and begs the question of what else is going on that prevents them from continuing with their success. For Blacks, this opens wounds that have not healed but have only just developed scabs.

Poverty is seen as a deterrent to a quality education; it is said that the rich get an education while the poor get tested and as you can see, without quality education testing is just that, poor performance. One of the biggest problems with the wealth gap is even when blacks go to college they often come out heavily burdened with debt or drop out because they do not have easy money for incidentals and often are forced to go home. Blacks must have access to quality experiences the same as those advocated by the Hispanic Community and Casa de Maryland.

All of these societal inequalities further cripple any opportunities for success; to segregate our students is yet another blow to the success of all students and I respectfully request that you not support any favorable movements towards the backward movement to segregation. I respectfully request that you do the right thing not what someone is dictating that you do; even with a petition signed only by those with a segregated vested interest. Kill this egregious move to spend taxpayer dollars when the county claims that it must raise the property tax for all of our students to have better educational experiences; we hear that our children can only succeed with more money but currently PGCPS spends $13,500 per student without any real advancement. This is higher than the average tuition at 60% of all private schools in the county. Perhaps the solution is not to privatize or to continue down this road but to shut the schools down and pay that money to private schools and let them educate our children.

Please note, this county spends very little of its budget on student services but with smart planning they could reallocate its current budget by reducing the amounts allocated to staff services; you have reduced staff and services and that has not worked but rather, has further disadvantaged our students. (See Attachment A for budget allocations). Segregation is a major evil for anyone who is black and detrimental to seeking access to a quality education; ask Ms. Ruby Bridges!!!

Finally, please give great consideration to the following:

1. Reduce the amount of the budget paid out for staff services and increase the amount paid out for student services – school is all about our students, this does not require additional increases to the people. We pay so much for staff services but the ROI is abysmal. In Corporate America, if the ROI is this poor then heads would roll!!!

2. Refrain from continuously doing the same thing over and over while giving the people empty promises and our children continue to fail abysmally. You have a fiduciary responsibility to the people and most specifically to all of our children not just the Hispanic’s desire for segregation.

3. Study the Finland Schools model and if necessary contact the Minister of Education for assistance with a view to the future success of our schools. Their commitment to revamp their educational system has paid off very well.

4. Spend that money allocated for segregation of schools and energize all of the schools.

5. The Hispanics cannot always solve their issues with assimilating into general society through isolation/segregation. No group can solve their issues through segregation and while this sounds cold, the best solution is to return to one’s homeland where there are fewer opportunities for integration with Blacks/African Americans.

6. Demonstrate that you support all of your constituents, all of the people and most importantly, the success of all students and do the right thing by all students and keep them integrated.

7. Our sister county, Montgomery County, is not looking to make a move towards segregation, talk to them about their management of all students.

Please accept my apologies for such a comprehensive position statement but this is so very important to so many people not just your “New Americans.” This move opens up far too many wounds for Blacks and a History that reaches back into the first days of slavery, to the day that slaves were freed and this country did nothing to give us a network of assimilation into this country, on into Reconstruction, the KKKs, the continuation and ramping up of the Lynching of anyone Black, Poll Taxes, Segregation by design, the bombing of Black churches and anyone’s home that the evil members of society chose to bomb, Governor Wallace and so much more but most recently, Mass Incarcerations and shoot them as they run. This move substantiates the belief that the culture of public education, as we know it in this county, is void of true learning and replaced with empty platitudes and hollow promises.

If you are unable to vote your conscience then vote the conscience of your Black Constituents and all the little Ruby Bridges who deserve as good an academic experience as the Hispanic members of the county who are not a major majority. Perhaps an International Baccalaureate Program with a Hispanic focus works better and definitely opens up opportunities for all students to be able to participate is a more positive approach. This is a no brainer!!!

Respectfully Submitted,
Kenniss H.

The irony of this letter is that Kenniss actually makes some good points but it gets lost when he says this, “The Hispanics cannot always solve their issues with assimilating into general society through isolation/segregation. No group can solve their issues through segregation and while this sounds cold, the best solution is to return to one’s homeland where there are fewer opportunities for integration with Blacks/African Americans.” That’s just sad, but hey, what do you expect from a group that is also proud to write headlines such as these: “Social Security numbers going to most illegals.”

Segregation is a serious issue, but to the Neo-Nativists, their argument gets clouded by the very same bigotry and racism people like Kenniss and others are trying to combat. But that’s exactly how they want it: when it comes to problems, you have to blame someone and it’s easy to blame those who are “foreign” to you, even when these “foreigners” share some of the same struggles. And yes, as one follower told us, this theme is not a new thing.