Access Hollywood Apologizes for Cinco de Mayo Sombreros and Mustaches

May 7, 2015
9:29 AM

Earlier this morning, National Association of Hispanic Journalists President Mekhalo Medina posted the following update on NAHJ’s Facebook page:


Update: During Cinco De Mayo 2015, Access Hollywood, an entertainment talk show, celebrated the holiday with its hosts wearing sombreros and mustaches.

One of the hosts, Billy Bush, used an “accent” as he introduced a mariachi band. NAHJ has long fought against stereotypes of Latinos in all media and denounces this segment for thoughtlessly portraying a proud and rich people as a caricature in a sombrero.

Craig Robinson, Executive Vice President/Chief Diversity Officer of NBCUniversal which oversees the show, addressed the segment with Access Hollywood producers. The producers apologized for the segment and vowed to be more aware in future portrayals of Latinos.

Many of you know, I’m an employee of NBC Universal, but I got to tell you that Mr. Robinson was not only immediately responsive, but determined to make sure the show knew this was unacceptable. He doesn’t believe the show had any negative intent, and deemed this a teachable moment for the entertainment talk show.

For many Latinos, teachable moments like these in 2015 seem unbelievable. I hear you, but progress is progress.

Take a look at where we were in 2014. MSNBC, Good Morning America and a host of others celebrated the holiday with the same stereotypes. This year, the news shows told authentic and accurate stories of the holiday without the stereotypes.

Were there still offenders of ‪#‎CincoDeMayoFails‬? Yes, there were.

We continue to speak up and continued to demand being treated fairly and accurately and we want you to do the same.

Please continue to alert us of stereotypes and negative portrayals of Latinos in media and we will continue to work to make sure action is taken.

NAHJ Media Watch