Florida Teenager Calls Out Yearbook for Pics of Ponchos, Sombreros, Mustaches & ‘Border Patrol’

May 19, 2015
10:50 AM

This just in from local Florida media. We have no words, except to say this: You go, Jessica Morales, for speaking out and letting the world know that this is 2015, and this just needs to stop. Just watch.

The whole issue started via social media (what a surprise):

And this is the statement from Collier County Public Schools:

The picture in question is from Naples High School’s Spirit week. The Naples High yearbook staff has a vetting process for which all content is reviewed. If anyone on the yearbook team finds a picture questionable, the yearbook sponsor brings it forward to Principal Saba. That regrettably did not happen in this case. Mr. Saba stated, “We regret if any Golden Eagle student, parent, or community member found it offensive. It was not our intent.”

Amazing what happens when people call you out.