La Galería Magazine, an Independent Platform, Invites Dominicans to Tell Their Story

Jun 6, 2015
10:21 AM

When La Galería magazine launched this past February, I personally didn’t expect that it would grow so quickly. But it did. A collective effort that started with a vision to become one of the platforms for the Dominican Diaspora is growing into a multimedia venue with an entity of its own. Our site has already garnered over 10,000 views.

La Galería is an independent medium that seeks to tell the stories of Dominicans in the Diaspora. Our mission is to provide content that encourages dialogue, celebrates the community and inspires action. La Galería is independent and unaffiliated. We are currently a small collective of women who identify as Afro-Latinas, feminists and writers.

Since our launch, we have published articles that deal with the issues of Afro-Latinidad and identity, feminism, solidarity with Haiti and even mental health. As our manifesto states, we do not tolerate racism, sexism, or any form of discrimination:

Through identifying other members of the Dominican Diaspora who are also promoting change, the publication creates ties with various spaces. We believe that uplifting all efforts to shift the narrative in contemporary society about Dominican culture will benefit the whole.

This summer we are digging deeper into our mission of connecting and amplifying the stories of the diaspora, and we invite Dominicans to submit their stories.


This call for submissions came from the desire to really look at the bigger picture and actually explore what the Dominican Diaspora looks like. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate our lived experiences. The submission deadline is June 15th.


Amanda Alcantara is the co-founder and editor of La Galería. She tweets from @radicallatina.