Watch Luis Gutiérrez’s Epic Rebuttal of Ann Coulter on Bill Maher’s Show

Jun 20, 2015
10:12 AM

Yes, we totally understand that giving Ann Coulter any air time on this site is hard for us, given the fact that Coulter (and her distant cousin Donald Trump) just promote hate speech. But you have to see (video below) what Rep. Luis Gutiérrez told Coulter last night on Bill Maher.

Worry about the 50 million Latinos in the United States of America that are here legally. Worry about that 50 million, who care and who care deeply, because of many of the people who you refer to as murderers and rapists and criminals and people that are on welfare, are their aunts, their uncles, their classmates, they work with them… these are people they care about. So what I think that Ann Coulter is actually doing along with along with Donald Trump is that they’re just revving up, you know it’s like a Latino registration machine. Because every time they say these things, (I say this quite seriously), a million Latinos turn 18 every year in the United States of America. And Ann, they’re all American citizens of the United States. And here’s what happens: they become the basis of the new American political coalition. That is young people, that is Latinos, that is immigrants, it’s African Americans, it’s Asians, it’s gay people, it’s people that care about the economy, and it’s people that care about the environment. Ann, look: you’re never going to take the White House with this kind of politics ever again because there’s a new American politics.

After Gutiérrez weighed in, Joy Reid slam dunked it, “I’m a first-generation American and I am fully American.”

The whole video segment is below. It’s about 11 minutes long, and Gutiérrez comes in at six minutes. We apologize for the first few minutes of Coulter and Maher. The HBO host, though good intentioned, continues to not do the Latino community any favors but spouting our words like “illegals” or in essence, even having Coulter on the show in the first place, BUT… in the end we are glad he did, because we got to hear Gutiérrez and Reid. The end is a bit awkward and ridiculous.