When Racism Gets Recorded (VIDEO)

Jul 19, 2015
11:10 PM

Two days ago, this video was posted to the Explore Branson Facebook page by Luis Diaz.

This is what Diaz posted with the video:

I arrived to Branson, MO on Thursday, July 16,2015. Never had I experienced racism until today. My family and I walked into a store (Visitor Information By Westgate Resorts in Downtown Branson) that sells tickets for shows around Branson. While we are finalizing our package (picked out a show we wanted to go watch and tickets to Silver Dollar) and getting ready to pay, the manager (in the baby blue shirt on the video) stepped in in front of the sales person and advised us he would not be granting us the discount because the discount did not apply to us. The manager then begins to yell at me and my family that we are not welcome in the store because my mom does not speak English. He than threatened us to call security if we did not leave his store. My family and I walked out of the store with my little sister crying because she was scared of the manager screaming at us. I than walked back alone to get him on video and this is what he tells me, he stated he could sell me the tickets at regular price but not discounted tickets because my mom doesn’t speak English.I believe he changed his demeanor when he realized I was recording him. Spanish-speakers don’t get access to discounted tickets or even Westgates Time shares because hey don’t speak English.

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Our friends at Wise Latinas Linked spoke to Diaz. This is what they reported:

Diaz told me on the phone that the salesman never got to the point of selling any kind of timeshare if that was his objective. He also told me that his mother speaks some English and understands it, but feels more comfortable communicating in Spanish.

After his angry exchange of words with the manager, the Diaz family walked out of the store feeling embarrassed and humiliated. The salesman found them outside the store and told Diaz, “Man! I’m really sorry.”