Donald Trump Goes to Mexico (VIDEO)

Aug 26, 2015
3:01 PM

YouTube impersonator Kenji Lee is at again, this time as “El Donald” Trump in Tijuana:

I love everybody here though. Why? Because they’re great people—just as long as they stay here. … This Mexican food is terrible. The Ritz-Carlton, they know Mexican food. You don’t know Mexican food.

Admittedly we’ve slipped into a Kenji love affair this week, posting two of his videos in the span of two days.

But the best part of this video is hearing what the people of Mexico would like to say to Trump.

Take, for instance, the man at the end of the video:

We go to the United States to work, to work our ass off. … Rapists? Why do you say that? … All I have are my hands and my legs to work hard for you, for the American people, for the United States.