Conference Held at High School About ‘Illegals’ Signs

Sep 2, 2015
1:27 PM


Yesterday we reported on the signs hung in a North Carolina high school telling “illegals” to “go home.”

Repeated attempts to speak with Erwin High School Principal Jim Brown were met only with promises of a future phone call.

But thanks to Nate Raynor, who attended a Wednesday morning conference held at the school and is the Big Brother mentor of an Erwin student, we now know Principal Brown is a bit too unruffled by the ordeal.

After making it clear that he does not speak for his mentee or his parents, Nate tells us:

I was astounded that Dr. Brown would not apologize when an audience member asked that he do so … Finally muttering something that started with ‘IF anyone was offended.’ Look around! Think there’s an ‘if’?

Nate also tells that the administrators never mentioned whether the teacher or students responsible for the offensive posters would receive some sort of punishment:

It’s unclear. That question was repeatedly ignored and deflected by administration at the meeting. At least the teacher’s apology was the first thing she said when she stepped up to the mic.

The Asheville Blog live-tweeted during the conference, through which we were able to learn more of what happened and what was said:


(Sidenote: This is how live-tweeting is done, damas y caballeros.)

Giving us his initial impressions moments after the conference had ended, Nate says the “parents and students seemed to leave without many of their concerns being addressed.”

We will provide an update if we hear from Principal Brown, though judging by his appearance at the conference and the fact that he hasn’t spoken to us yet, clearly he’s dodging us, waiting (and hoping) for the issue to blow over.

Stay tuned.