Marce Graudiņš Talks ‘Hispandering’ with ABC 7 News (VIDEO)

Sep 21, 2015
10:25 AM

Reporting on the backlash against Coca-Cola’s ill-conceived attempt to honor Hispanic Heritage Month by releasing “tattoo cans,” San Francisco’s ABC 7 News spoke with Latino Rebels’ own Marce Graudiņš about the yearly Hispandering phenomenon:

Hispanic groups like the online blog Latino Rebels say Coke goes too far–linking pride to a soft drink during Hispanic Heritage month.

‘More and more it’s turning into some extended Cinco de Mayo marketing free-for-all and people see through that,’ said Marce Gutierrez, of Latino Rebels.

The Coke cans used only in the ad also come with a temporary tattoo to be displayed anywhere on the body.

‘I think it’s stereotypical to put the neck tattoo, that type of thing,’ Gutierrez said.