Sep 26, 2015
11:45 AM

Never forget. Prohibido olvidar.

Here is a series of news articles in English-language media about the one-year anniversary of Ayotzinapa:

Dallas Morning News: Year after Ayotzinapa, a family’s pain has yet to numb

The Intercept: Disappearances in Mexico, One Year Later: New Theories but Few Answers

Drug Policy Alliance: Ayotzinapa Vive: On the One Year Anniversary of Students’ Disappearance, Families Continue to Demand Truth, Justice and an End to the Drug War

The Guardian: When will the 43 disappeared Mexico students find justice?

Slate: In Memoriam

Quartz: One year later, Mexico City refuses to let memory of the 43 missing students die

Amnesty International: The Ayotzinapa stories – One year on

Washington Post: Mexico’s Miserable Year

CBC: Disappearance of 43 Mexican students still unsolved 1 year later

Buzzfeed: The Lonely Quest for Justice

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