We Just Got Pitched Feliz Navidad Sweaters and They’re Ridiculously Racist

Sep 27, 2015
11:27 PM

Sometimes we wonder if public relations agencies actually know what we do here, because either the following email pitch we received tonight is either a joke or it’s just ignorance (here’s the edited version to protect the names of the agency that sent us this):

SUBJECT LINE: They’re ugly and we know it! Hispanic- Christmas Sweaters

Yes, ‘Merry Christmas’ can be said in multiple languages! If you are looking for something fun to feature here are two options:

This ugly sweater has a Hispanic Santa busting open a piñata so everyone can have some treats this holiday season. Sombrero, faux-fur, and bright colors make this sweater a real treat this Holiday season, no matter what language you speak! Made with soft, high-quality, 85% acrylic 15% wool material.


Santa’s race has always been a mystery. We figured we would cover all the bases by creating a sweater with an Asian, African American, and Hispanic Santa. This black sweater vest also features LED lights around the Santa heads and has three-dimensional faux-fur on each Santa. Guaranteed to impress audiences of all backgrounds this Holiday season! Made with soft, high-quality, 85% acrylic 15% wool material.


ABOUT Festified: Our Christmas sweater store is overflowing with the tackiest, ugliest, most festive and obnoxious sweaters around. And everything is brand new! Festified carries all the best types of sweaters: Lighted sweaters (like on Jimmy Fallon!), sweater dresses, sweater vests, Chanukah sweaters, children’s sizes, XXL sizes, Christmas sweaters for dogs and cats, funny Christmas t-shirts, hats, scarves, and much more! www.festified.com.

Let me know if you want high resolution photos, more information or samples.

Here is our reply:


This is what you are selling?mlmcsvbl-lighted-multi-cultured-santa-vest-mens-black-main__64267.1400592467.1280.1280



This just can’t be real.


No, we don’t want samples or hi-res images.

Also, it looks like the pitch was an actual mass email. Do these agencies even know that the should do their homework before sending it out to people?

By the way, the company that markets the sweaters is an actual serious company. Is “tackiest” the new code word for really f-ing racist?