That Creepy Moment When a Colombian Woman Screamed for Trump in Las Vegas

Oct 9, 2015
8:21 AM

Yesterday in Las Vegas at a campaign rally, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump brought up a Colombian woman to the stage. NBC News captured the moment:

The woman, whose name is Myriam Witcher, told the world she was Colombian and said this: “I’m Hispanic and I’m voting for Mr. Trump! We vote for Mr. Trump! We love you all the way to the White House!” Trump swore that he never met the woman before and that moment was no way a set up. There was also a very creepy moment where Trump blew a kiss to the woman from behind:


As you might imagine, our community had A LOT to say about this “Ecstatic Hispanic” moment (yes, actual part of NBC’s headline). We got tons of caption suggestions on Twitter and Facebook. We reviewed all the captions and have decided that this one from Oscar Esquivel was the winner: “When they promise you papers, but gonna send you back anyways.”

You should also know that even though more than 80% of U.S. Latinos have very negative views of Trump, some Latinos do like him, including Witcher. As one local Las Vegas story wrote about yesterday’s rally:

Several Latino supporters were present in the crowd. Colombian immigrant Myriam Witcher praised the real estate mogul’s opposition to illegal immigration, saying, “He needs to send illegal (immigrants) out of the country. I came here legally.” She added that since she had waited five years to receive a visa that other immigrants ought to wait as well.

“I’m Hispanic, Latina and I love me some Trump,” she said. “He’s the perfect man, a businessman.”

“I like what Trump says about securing the borders,” said Paul Rodriguez Jr. of Apple Valley, California, who described himself as “an American first, of Mexican descent.” He is the coordinator of America First Latinos, a group organized by the Remembrance Project, which describes itself as honoring “Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens.” Rodriguez, a retired grocery warehouse worker, added, “the thing I like about Donald Trump is he’s not a professional politician. Obama has destroyed our country.”

By the way, the Washington Post also shared the same video on its site, but when it explained the video with a caption generated from Reuters, it committed the mortal editorial mistake called, “It’s Colombia, not Columbia.”


UPDATE: Witcher went on CNN, too.

The Donald J. Trump superfan, “I saw Mr. Trump only in my dreams”

Posted by CNN on Friday, October 9, 2015