Trump’s Anti-Mexican Speech Has Real-Life Consequences (VIDEO)

Oct 29, 2015
9:18 PM

For all those who think it is better to stay quiet, the following video explains why it makes sense not to. And like we have said before, NBC is playing you all. #RacismIsntFunny

Donald Trump Hosting Saturday Night LIVE? Tell NBC to #DumpTrump

Donald Trump's racist hate speech has real world consequences. It's absolutely disgusting that Saturday Night Live would give him a platform to spew more hate. SNL needs to #DumpTrump -SHARE if you agree!Call SNL: 212-664-4511 and tell them to #DumpTrump!LIKE our page Brave New Films for more like this.By the way, Saturday Night Live has only had two Latino cast members in its 40 years history.

Posted by Brave New Films on Wednesday, October 28, 2015