Rubio: ‘We’re Not Going to Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform’

Nov 4, 2015
12:32 PM

Appearing today on Good Morning America, Republican presidential candidate and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio may have unintentionally admitted something to host George Stephanopoulos:

When asked why he seems to have changed his stance on immigration — he used to be a prominent supporter of comprehensive immigration reform — Rubio responded:

Yeah, because it can’t pass. We’re not going to pass comprehensive immigration reform in this country. We’re not going to pass it after a migratory crisis on the southern border where minors were being sent here unaccompanied, after two unconstitutional executive orders. I’m being honest. They’re the ones that are not being truthful. The only way forward is through a series of steps that begins with border security.

And it’s funny the Democrats attack Republicans for not doing what they didn’t do. When they had a majority in the House, a super-majority in the Senate, Barack Obama in the White House, they did nothing on immigration. And now they attack Republicans for not doing what they themselves didn’t do when they had the power, because this issue cannot be tackled in one massive piece of legislation.

The senator may have a point when it comes to Democrats dropping the ball back in 2009, but seeing how the U.S.-Mexico border has never been more secure in its whole history, anyone who imposes border security as a first step is only setting up imaginary roadblocks to immigration reform.

When Sen. Rubio says “we’re not going to pass comprehensive immigration reform in this country,” what he conveniently omits is “so long as I and Republicans have the power to stop it.”