#NoMames, Burger King, for Your Ridiculously Stupid Ad with Charo

Feb 14, 2016
10:51 AM

Why why why do we need to have Charo back in this world? The following Burger King Facebook ad is perhaps one of the most stupid things we have seen in a while. This is 2016, people, not 1977, and the days of the cuchi cuchi accents no longer cut it. Why did anyone think that this was a good idea? And to make matters worse, Burger King’s corporate headquarters are based in Miami. There was no one who said that this was dumb? Watch and cringe.

Burger King Training Video: Grilled Dogs ft. Charo

Grilled Dogs coming everywhere 2.23. Cuchi Cuchi! #GrilledDogs

Posted by Burger King on Friday, February 12, 2016