The Empire Files: The Empire’s Border (VIDEO)

Feb 15, 2016
1:51 PM

Last Thursday teleSUR published the full-length version of The Empire Files: The Empire’s Border, in which journalist Abby Martin exposes a “hidden war” against Mexicans and Central Americans along the U.S.-Mexico border. The first part looks at how the U.S. government uses the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts as weapons against desperate migrants escaping a region ravaged by decades of U.S. policies. The remains of over 200 human beings have been recovered from the border each year since 1994. Part Two looks at the policies that have led to the current crises and how militarization of the border has led to more atrocities.

In the land of ‘justice for all,’ imagine a mass trial where hundreds of refugees from Central America, still covered in sweat and sand from their journey, are shuffled into a massive courtroom, shackled and chained at their ankles and wrists. The only sound: the clanging of metal. A judge tries upwards of 80 of them at a time. Assembly line style, they rotate from the pews to the stand to hear their charges for the first time, enter a plea, and receive a sentence — all within around 30 seconds each.