Why Did Police Kill Anthony Nuñez? (VIDEO)

Jul 8, 2016
11:11 AM

It has been a week of tragedy, from Baton Rogue to Falcon Heights to Dallas. With all these stories dominating the national news, you might have missed this story from San Jose and the death of Anthony Nuñez. According to reports, the 18-year-old Nuñez was armed and suicidal, having already shot himself in the head. After 14 minutes of trying to coax Nuñez to drop the gun, police shot him.

Here is what San Jose police chief Eddie Garcia had to say about the shooting:

Some have taken to Twitter to raise awareness about Nuñez’s death:

Another name being tweeted with Nuñez’s is that of Pedro Villanueva, who was speeding in his car before California Highway Patrol killed him in Fullerton.