Where Will the Latino Digital Space Go Next? Let’s Have This Conversation

Aug 16, 2016
6:12 PM

Having been in this digital space since 2011 (with many of the original Rebeldes starting more than 10 years ago), a recent piece from NPR’s Latino USA about Latino millennials and digital media has had us asking some questions about where this space is going and whether the bulk of Latinx spaces are heading in the right direction.

This afternoon, we thought we would ask some questions on Twitter:

Within minutes, we got some rather insightful and interesting responses.





This got us to thinking: why don’t we do more public and visible conversations like these? It doesn’t have to be a hashtag, but we do think it is critical to open up this discussion up. So if you have an opinion, tweet us @latinorebels or just add your comment below. Let’s keep talking about this.

As for us, our opinion is simple: the future of the digital space is all about voice. It seems that we have seen way too many You Know You’re… memes and videos that our brains hurt. We do think a lot of the new Latinx pages are still stuck in 2013 or 2014, and that needs to change:

Here’s to a real discussion about this and a push for more intelligent, respectful and authentic stories.