DREAMer César Vargas Just Schooled the Alt-Right with One Facebook Post

Oct 18, 2016
5:40 PM


In response to a Veritas Project “report” (click here), César Vargas (you know who he is) posted the following public response to what from we can tell was just crappy “journalism” when it came to trying to rope into Vargas into a story that has already brought down two Democratic operatives (even though how Veritas and James O’Keefe created the report is dubious, to say the least):

Hey Friends, apparently there is a conspiracy video out there with me in it. Here is some background, “Veritas Project” is the group behind this video. They are far-right group, the people working in it are conservatives operatives, and all Trump supporters, who were interviewing activists on their work confronting elected officials. Some of the people work in the video work with DNC which is why they show them more — they left me out :(. Of course, they didn’t expect for me to tell them that we confront both Democrats and Republicans and that we organize for our families not a political party. No surprise, they deleted this and many other parts and they just edited the video to distort the story. Whatever I told this group is what I tell everyone in public: we fight for our family not for a political party. Of course, little do they know there is a transcript of our conversation to confirm I told them it was illegal that voting twice was illegal. I will not indulge the far right with time but let the sick bastards have their field day lol.

PV: But you can do that. You can’t do that under the same name. So he (fake character) wants to devise a way…
CV: Again, you cannot vote twice. Even if you are the same person.

As for the “Veritas Project?” Hit it, Gollum:

By the way, have you seen some of the tweets César has gotten already?

By the way, we do agree with THIS César Vargas: