Maria Hinojosa Tells Latino Trump Surrogate on MSNBC’s AM JOY That ‘Illegals Is Not a Noun’ (VIDEO)

Oct 29, 2016
12:07 PM

The following clip from MSNBC’s AM JOY was posted Saturday morning by our founder, now the political editor at the Futuro Media Group, the independent non-profit media company formed by award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa. In this clip, Hinojosa has an exchange with Steve Cortes, a member of Donal Trump’s National Hispanic Advisory Council. At one point, Cortes said this, “It is more unfair for legal immigrants to allow for illegals to hop in front of them and cheat the system.”

That comment led to Hinojosa essentially schooling Cortes about the use of the word “illegals” as a noun and also the term “illegal immigrant.” Hinojosa’s response also mentioned Elie Wiesel’s quote that “no human being is illegal.”

Online response to Hinojosa’s comments has already taken off. Here is a just a sample of what people are saying:

As for Hinojosa’s critics, this tweet from her should sum up nicely exactly how Hinojosa feels about the haters: