‘Latinos With Trump’ Voted Winner of 2016 #NoMames Award

Dec 28, 2016
1:40 PM

Of all the #NoMames moments of 2016, Latino Rebels’ Twitter followers have named Latinos With Trump (formerly, Latinos For Trump) as the winner of this year’s No Mames Award.

The grassroots movement (that at times trolled this site and our social media accounts) took 48% of the votes in a four-day Twitter poll. Twenty-five percent of respondents voted for President-elect Donald Trump (the 2015 No Mames winner), 21% chose “establishment Democrats” and just 6% picked “racists caught on tape.”

What some of the voters told us:

We do expect the Latino Trumpers will relish the news, since they have this knack for gloating and trolling, and we can only predict that their attitude will be fully obnoxious now that Trump won the election.