A Viral Facebook Video Is Powerfully Confronting and Calling Out Machismo Culture

Dec 30, 2016
2:08 PM

On December 23, the Facebook page of Conejo Productions published the following video called “Boys Will Be Boys.” As of this afternoon, the video has gotten more than 2.4 million views in just seven days. (And this includes days like Christmas Eve and Christmas.) You don’t think people have had enough of machismo culture? This video would prove you wrong. Watch and learn. If you believe in this message like we do, follow Conejo Productions on Facebook, as well as Justice For My Sister.

Here is more about the video: It features actor Jorge Diaz (Elena of Avalor, East Los High, Jane the Virgin) and is part of DIS…MISS—”a multi-genre, public visual art experience, with media and performing arts components, addressing fantasies and realities of gender polarization in local and mass media, featuring commissioned works from 20 outstanding L.A. visual artists ranging from video, print, signage, billboards, performances, and more.”

The initiative is funded by Freewaves.