Like This Image That Broke the Internet? There’s Now a T-Shirt of It to Support Migrant Rights

Jan 3, 2017
10:30 AM

Remember this image from last year? It was shared more than 26,000 times on our Facebook page, and we were just one of many places that posted it.

Well, you can get that image on your very own t-shirt now, and your donation will support migrant rights. The following GoFundMe link explains:

In order to receive a shirt, please:
1. Click “donate now” and you’ll be prompted to enter your information
2. In the “comments” section, please indicate how many shirts you want, the sizes, whether you will be picking it up in person in Maryland/DC/Virginia, or whether you’ll need it shipped, and your email address for follow up. If you need it shipped, please enter your address in the “comments” section (there’s a box to check so that your address can remain invisible to everyone but me, if you wish) or please send me a personal message with your address/shirt numbers
3. Minimum donations to receive a shirt are below, but feel free to donate extra! Just don’t forget to specify how many shirts you want. (i.e. $50 could be for 1 shirt + $28 extra for us or 2 shirts + $6 extra)
4. If you want to give a smaller amount, or don’t wish to receive a shirt, just let us know in the comments
5. Shirts will be available in DC in time for the inauguration (Jan. 20). Shirts being shipped, no guarantees, but we will try our best.T-shirt minimum donation:
– $22 (If picking up in person in DC/Maryland/Virginia)
– $26 (If shirt needs to be shipped anywhere else)

***The price may seem steep, but each shirt is printed on American Apparel t-shirts and produced on customink, each shirt costs about $15-16 for us, and gofundme takes 7.9%+$0.30 (about $2) per shirt, so our profit margin is already very thin***

If you are still undecided about whether or not to give us your hard earned money, please read about our organization below and let us change your mind:

Refugee Alliance Network (RAN), formerly known as the African Rights Activist’s Group (ARAG), began in 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada and has recently expanded to the DC metropolitan area, serving the District of Columbia and its outlying suburbs. Our mission is to educate, inform, protect, and provide services to refugees regardless of race, creed, age, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation or physical challenges. Recently, we have been focusing our actions on the situation of LGBTQI refugees; specifically, how those refugees can be connected with resources and the local LGBTQI community to best support their educational, employment, and healthcare needs.

Services in Nevada have included computer classes, career counseling, translation and interpretation services, driver training, food distribution, and community education workshops to connect the refugee population to the local community. Since moving to DC, we have expanded our work to include political advocacy on the behalf of refugees, especially LGBTQI refugees. We have worked closely with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and other partners to raise awareness amongst government officials and policymakers about issues impacting the resettlement and integration of refugees.

Currently, we are seeking funds for a multitude of purposes: to continue replicating our successful programs from Nevada in DC, expand our existing programs, travel to other areas to educate local leaders and existing LGBTI community about the situation of LGBTI refugees, and secure new office space.

Any gift–large or small, with or without a T-shirt–means the world to us. If you are able, please give a small amount to support us. If you wish, please give a donation large enough to receive a t-shirt to wear on inauguration, so that the incoming administration can know that refugees–and their supporters–are not going anywhere.

Help spread the word!

Click here to order your tee.