#HereToStay Already Getting Trolled by Hateful, Xenophobic and Ignorant Trump Supporters

Jan 15, 2017
11:22 AM

Oh, America.

As reports of Saturday #HereToStay National Day of Action for immigrant rights events started trickling in, the #HereToStay hashtag started trending in the United States on Twitter. And you know what that means, right? As much as we saw a slew of tweets that supported the movement, we also saw a slew of ignorance, hate, xenophobia and yes, bigotry and racism. And yeah, thy are all pretty much coming from Trump supporters. What fun.

The first one from comes from a “Spokeswoman for Black Americans for Trump:”

Then there is Joe Walsh:

And the rest, which if you look, also includes loving tweets from people of color:

We could go on and on and on and on, but we won’t. But there is some serious hatred out there. And one more thing, if you come to this site and tell us that we were silent during Obama’s record deportations, give it up. We have been incredibly critical of his policies, as well as Bill Clinton’s 1990s policies, so move along.