Marco Rubio Goes All Marco Flojo in Support of Tillerson for Secretary of State

Jan 23, 2017
11:24 AM

Remember when Florida Republican senator Marco Rubio went hard on Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson earlier this month? Many who felt that Tillerson was not the right choice for the United States were holding out hope that Rubio would stick to his principles and not vote along party lines.

This Monday morning, Rubio got all Flojo in a Facebook post about his position. Here is a part of what he wrote:

Mr. Tillerson is likely to have a potentially unprecedented level of influence over the direction of our foreign policy. I remain concerned that in the years to come, our country will not give the defense of democracy and human rights the priority they deserve, and will pursue a foreign policy that too often sets aside our values and our historic alliances in pursuit of flawed geopolitical deals.

But in making my decision on his nomination, I must balance these concerns with his extensive experience and success in international commerce, and my belief that the president is entitled to significant deference when it comes to his choices for the cabinet. Given the uncertainty that exists both at home and abroad about the direction of our foreign policy, it would be against our national interests to have this confirmation unnecessarily delayed or embroiled in controversy. Therefore, despite my reservations, I will support Mr. Tillerson’s nomination in committee and in the full Senate.

However, upcoming appointments to critical posts in the Department of State are not entitled to and will not receive from me the same level of deference I have given this nomination.