Watch Joy Reid, Maria Hinojosa and Rosie Perez School One Really Insulting Former GOP Congressman

Feb 18, 2017
2:04 PM

Looking for some Saturday fireworks? All you need to do is watch the following AM Joy segment with host Joy Reid, journalist Maria Hinojosa, actor Rosie Perez and former GOP congressman J.D. Hayworth of Arizona. Get the popcorn:

As one outlet wrote:

AMJoy host Joy Ann Reid, Perez and veteran journalist Maria Hinojosa battled right wingnut JD Hayworth, whose white privilege was on full display. He claimed he was once stopped along the southern border and asked for his ID. They were pressing him on whether or not he felt fear of going to prison by being stopped by law enforcement. He said it was “disconcerting.” Um, white privilege and ignorance.

(H/T Hinterland Gazette)