Parent Whose Son Was Kicked Out of Class for DAY WITHOUT IMMIGRANTS: ‘Action Will Be Taken’

Feb 21, 2017
5:12 PM

After we published a story on Monday (first reported by Telemundo) about how some Latino middle school students at César Chávez Middle School in Hayward, California, said they were kicked out of their classroom by an English teacher on Friday because they had attended Thursday’s “Day Without Immigrants” protest, we reached out to one of the student’s parents, who emailed us the following Monday night:

Thanks for sharing what happened in our school. We never received any notification from the school’s principal. Friday night we had a meeting with some of the parents and over the weekend we been trying to get in contact with the parents of other kids that were involved in this situation. [Tuesday morning] we are going to go to the office to demand a explanation and a copy of the school report that was made on Friday (according to my son, a report was made and the kids signed it, also we never got informed about this?)

And Wednesday there is a meeting at the Hayward School District and we going to be there to ask for a public apology to the students and demand to remove this teacher from this school. Just few minutes ago, my wife received a recorded phone call from the superintendent saying that he just found out about the incident and [Tuesday] he will be at his office to answer all our questions. This happened Friday at school hour. “How come we didn’t get the phone till Monday night?” This is something my wife wrote on a social network.

Friday, students from César Chávez Middle School were insulted and humiliated by their language arts teacher [name removed by Latino Rebels], for taking part for “A Day Without Immigrants” boycott, by telling the students that their parents and them were dumb for participating by not going to school. As she noticed that the majority of students did not go to school, she mentioned that it was the best day ever and that immigrants are unwanted. In a diverse community, she created an uncomfortable space for minorities and undocumented students/families by targeting them when she should be educating them in language arts. This is unacceptable and action will be taken. Gracias.

We did email Hayward Unified for comment and have also contacted the teacher for comment. We have yet to receive a reply.