Company Based in Puerto Rico Makes Formal Bid for Construction of Trump’s Border Wall

Mar 3, 2017
9:10 PM

US-Mexico border at Tijuana, Baja California (Tomas Castelazo)

A company from Puerto Rico has formally placed a bid to build President Trump’s proposed border wall, Primera Hora reports.

Yes, we are serious.

According to the report, San Diego Project Management PCS, based in Luquillo, has responded to the government’s call for bidders. The company’s owner and founder Patrick Balcazar confirmed the bid to Primera Hora. This is Balcazar:

“It’s true. I have a lot of interest in this project and we have the intention of competing,” the San Diego-born Balcazar told Primera Hora.

He even admitted that the wall is controversial: “There are two ways to look at this: to be part of the process and participate in it and assure that its engineering standards save lives, or you can let mercenaries God knows what.”

Balcazar has lived in Puerto Rico since the 90s, is married to a Puerto Rican woman and has a family on the island.

By the way, you should also know that Mexican construction conglomerate Cemex said this about whether it would provide materials for Trump’s wall: “If one of our clients requests a quote for materials, we have the responsibility to do so. But this does not imply that Cemex will participate in the project.”