ICE Arrests Dad in Front of His Own Daughter as He Was Taking Her to School

Mar 3, 2017
8:36 PM

For all you who say that President Trump is rounding up only the “bad hombres,” this is what happened earlier this week in Los Angeles, as reported by LAist. According to the LA-based outlet, “Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez, an undocumented father of four U.S.-born children, has lived in this country for more than 20 years. On Tuesday, he was dropping his daughters off at school, as he does every morning. He and his wife had already dropped off their 12-year-old daughter and were headed to drop off her 13-year-old sister next when Avelica-Gonzalez was detained by immigration officials a block from his daughter’s school in Highland Park.”

Avelica-Gonzalez’s 13-year-old daughter then filmed this:

ICE will tell you that the father of four had previous convictions, one being a DUI conviction from close to 10 years ago and then one where he unknowingly had the wrong registration sticker on a car. In ICE’s world, we guess that is what amount to a violent crime these days, not matter if someone is a dad or not.

LAist published a very real and detailed story about this American tragedy. Read the entire story here.

(H/T Latino Voices)