With Puerto Rico Playing USA in WBC Final, Time to Check Out American Cluelessness About PR

Mar 22, 2017
10:12 AM

So it is official: the Puerto Rican national baseball team is playing the United States national baseball team tonight from Los Angeles for the World Baseball Classic championship. As expected, Puerto Rico’s amazing undefeated run is filling the U.S. colony (yes, colony) with pride, as the #LosNuestros hashtag shows. And even though we do wonder who pro-statehood governor will be rooting for tonight, the Boricuas’ WBC success has been a positive story at a time of fiscal control boards and austerity measures.

Nonetheless, it also comes a NO SURPRISE to us that the news of the Puerto Rico-USA game has also brought out (yet again) the CLUELESS IGNORANCE from Americans regarding Puerto Rico. Just like clockwork, these views have already come out and we expect it to be much worse tonight. Here is just a sample of what these “educated” Americans are sharing with the world.

This Guy From FOX Sports and Others

Oh Yeah, the Trump Racism Is Also Showing Up

How to Respond? How About This Tweet?


Listen, all you USA supporters. There is a deep and complex and violent and painful history between Puerto Rico and the United States. Maybe you should be a bit more informed about this history before you let your feelings get all hurt because the Boricuas have their own team and have already defeated the U.S. last week and have a very good chance of winning again. And if Puerto Rico wins tonight, we expect more of the simplistic same. It’s not like the mainstream media already believes that Puerto Rico is a “Third-World country.”

Get over it.