Powerful Facebook Live Video Shows Family Witnessing ICE Arrests: ‘You Trump Supporters Happy?’

Mar 24, 2017
9:40 AM

On March 21, Robert Espino went live on his Facebook page to share a 55-second video that shows the DeSoto Police Department and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arresting his brother and brother-in-law:

“Today DeSoto Police Department and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement decided to join forces and work together and arrest my brother for a prior conviction for which he served his time for and arrest (my brother in law) for being identified as an illegal immigrant my sister Crystal Marquez husband and father to her children while on his way to work . My brother and brother in law were cuffed and taken away from their families they are not drug dealers,rapist,thieves not even a traffic ticket . They leave behind wives ,sons,and daughters. This what Donald J. Trump supporters wanted,to see families torn apart because of where you’re born”

As we see scenes of Espino’s family witnessing and crying during the arrests, we hear Espino fighting back tears and saying the following:

This is for you all motherf*ckers that voted for Trump. Breaking up families and sh*t. DeSoto’s fu*king finest, ain’t got sh*t better to do. F*cking with families don’t catch real f*cking criminals. You Trump supporters happy? My nine-year-old niece getting her father taken away from her. God knows how long it will be… Before he sees his family again.

Espino also posted a GoFund Me page for the families of Marín Márquez and Eduardo Díaz, along with a photo of the two men arrested:

According to La Grande 107.5 in Dallas, Espino said that Márquez is undocumented and was arrested for a traffic infraction. Mundo Hispánico said that Díaz was in the process of getting his legal status and that according to his family, he has served his time from 20 years ago for having a relationship with a 15-year-old, when Díaz was also a teenager. Law enforcement claimed that Díaz was violating his probation. Mundo Hispánico also reported that it contacted ICE about the arrests but they have yet to receive a response. The outlet also said that the Mexican Consulate in Dallas is aware of the two arrests and are looking into next steps with the family.

Court records from Denton County in Texas list that a 35-year-old Eduardo Díaz was convicted of aggravated assault in 2000 and had to serve 8 years in with 300 hours of community service. There were no court records pertaining to Marín Márquez.

In addition, Crystal Marquez’s public Facebook page is indicating that she is trying to sell everything in her home.