The Cheesy 70s ‘Paloma Blanca’ Music Video Could Perhaps Be the Greatest Performance Ever

Mar 24, 2017
8:46 AM

File this one under WHY WE STILL LOVE THE INTERNET. This week, our Facebook feed gave us this gem:

As of this posting, our team has probably viewed it on Facebook about 23 times by now. There is something about it for sure. And our Facebook fans would agree.

So much so that we have found other versions of Georgie Dann’s “Paloma Blanca” song.

And even Georgie Dann performances from the past few years, like this one:

Or this incredibly awkward one:

So who is Georgie Dann?

Great question.

Dann was born in France to a family of singers. He is 67 years old. He made his mark during the 1970s (duh) in Spain as the “King of Summer.”

Of course he is. Only a King of Summer can pull this off.