People’s Progressive Caucus Condemns State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle Over Killing of Darren Rainey

Apr 2, 2017
11:07 AM

The Miami-Dade Democratic Progressive Caucus vehemently condemns the failure of Miami-Dade County State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle to press charges for the brutal murder of Darren Rainey.

Refusing to charge the four prison guards who are responsible for throwing a black, schizophrenic inmate into a scalding hot shower for two hours, resulting in his death, is unacceptable and cannot be overlooked.

Rundle has declined to bring charges due to an autopsy report that has been heavily criticized by the American Civil Liberties Union, claiming that Rainey suffered from no burns on his body.

However, the details in this case are gruesome and have shocked our humanity, as testimony from inmates, nurses and medics claim that Rainey suffered burns across his body and his skin was peeling off when found dead in that shower.

There is a pattern of behavior by Katherine Fernandez Rundle. Whether it was the killing of teenager Israel Hernandez via a taser for tagging a building with graffiti, the shooting of unarmed autistic caregiver Charles Kinsey, or the Redlands shootings, in which Miami-Dade police officers ambushed an allegedly armed mob and shot them, the State Attorney’s office seems to always find excuses to overlook and excuse instances of police brutality.

Katherine Fernandez Rundle has largely remained unscathed by her awful record. She has been in office since 1993 and usually runs unopposed for reelection. As members of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, and by extension the Florida Democratic Party, the Progressive Caucus is disturbed to have in our ranks a police brutality enabler and apologist. If the Democratic Party seeks to truly be an inclusive and transformational force in our community, they will hold State Attorney Rundle accountable for her record of failure in standing up for Miami-Dade residents who are victims of state-induced violence.

Executive Board of The People’s Progressive caucus of Miami-Dade