mitú Held a Powerful Event About Immigrant Voices Last Night: A Sign of More Serious Things to Come?

Apr 13, 2017
9:54 AM

In case you missed it, mitú hosted a very powerful (and necessary) conversation from Los Angeles last night to launch a new #11For11Million campaign that will elevate the voices of this country’s undocumented population. The lineup was impressive and so was the conversation. Here is the full clip below, and it is a video worth watching:

We are all for more of these conversations and hope that this is just the beginning for a Latino media company that is known more for silly memes than real, newsworthy conversation. We will admit that the mitú event last night caught our attention because it was legitimately serious, a far cry from the barrage of content mitú has been known to promote, content that does little to advance our community. We truly believe that if mitú were to just stop posting and promoting the same mediocrity that presents Latinos as a brand and not as a real community, the company could be a leader in transforming how Latinos are viewed in this country. Because for every powerful event like last night, mitú has no problem publishing tons of such hard-hitting pieces like Proof That It Sometimes Pays Off To Be a Burro or What If Your Girlfriend’s Bedroom Habits Are Slowly Killing You?

Just to be clear: we are rooting for mitú to succeed because this world needs more and more Latino media companies that are unapologetic, unfiltered and real. But it still feels a bit icky when Latinos as a brand is the larger message coming out of mitú each and every day. With great power comes great responsibility (thank you, Uncle Ben), and imagine what the company could achieve if it focused more on original reporting, original voices and original storytelling. Last night, mitú took a huge step in becoming impactful (despite the endorsement from establishment Democrats). Here’s hoping it isn’t a one-time thing because the community is thirsting for more of what the company did last night and we achieve it without all the memes, gifs, videos, listicles and sponsored posts. Not that all the silliness has to disappear. But there needs to be a more thoughtful balance, and in addition, a recognition that the mission is bigger than all of us.

Buena suerte, mitú.

We are here to help or support in any way.

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