The Jones Act: A Visualization (VIDEO)

Apr 19, 2017
4:03 PM

The following video from Carlos Jiménez Flores and featuring AfriCaribe & Forbidden Knowledge, is a visualization of the poem, “The Jones Act,” which was written by Jiménez Flores for his forthcoming book, Sitting at the Edge of Existence: Reflections from an Isolated Voice. To support the artists and purchase the song, go here.


100 years of singing the Star Spangled Banner
100 years of pledging allegiance to your flag
100 years of colonization

100 years of fighting your wars
100 years of bleeding for the red, white and blue
100 years of oppression

100 years of frontline valor
100 years of frontline sacrifice
100 years of occupation

100 years of recruitment
100 years of Uncle Sam pointing his finger
100 years of experimentation

100 years of being human lab rats
100 years of being treated as second class citizens
100 years of sterilization

100 years of taking our best
100 years of draining our resources
100 years of taxation

100 years with no right to vote
100 years and still no voice
100 years without representation

No Taxation Without Representation (ending chant)

released March 2, 2017
Pablo Gordy and Nino Arobelidze (courtesy of Ni Fu Ni Fa Records). AfriCaribe. Recorded and mastered at Laughing Man Studios. Released by Funky Monkey Music (FM Music).