Read Ted Cruz’s EL CHAPO ACT, and No, This Bill Is Not a Joke (But It Could Be)

Apr 26, 2017
11:48 AM

This is an actual bill filed by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz this week. Seriously.

For those who are playing at home, does Cruz realize that the money that goes to the cartels comes from the actual consumers: the actual Americans who want to get high? As for our take? We will share what we said on Facebook to someone who is supporting Cruz’s idea:

You can’t have supply if you don’t have demand. Americans LOVE to get high, so much so that they are the largest drug market in the world. And oh yeah, the hypocrisy of the DRUG WAR should be noted as well. To suggest that the cartels issue is an isolated Latin American thing is laughable. All started because of US policy and you do know that the CIA and the DEA have NO PROBLEM working with the cartels, right? Please tell us that you do know this.

With that said, we agree with Lalo too.