Sen. Bob Casey Just Live Tweeted the Deportation of a Honduran Family

May 3, 2017
1:18 PM

Within the past few hours on Wednesday, the Twitter profile of senator Bob Casey (D-PA) has been live tweeting the news that a young Honduran child and her mother were getting deported. Here are the tweets:

According to NBC Philadelphia, the child and mother “were among 14 ‘longterm’ families held at the controversial Berks County Residential Center outside Reading. They had been detained at the Pennsylvania facility since Dec. 18, 2015, attorney Bridget Cambria said Wednesday afternoon.”

Cambria said she and other attorneys were arguing on behalf of the woman and her son before a federal judge on the Eastern District of Pennsylvania when they were notified that Immigration and Customs Enforcement put the two on a plane for Honduras.

“We applied for the child this week who had qualified for a special immigrant juvenile status (SIJS) and brought it to ICE and the courts and we were in court today,” Cambria said. “We literally were arguing to include this child while immigration was watching the plane take off.”

UPDATE, May 4: Department of Homeland Security John responded to Case’s tweets.

I say it over and over again: If the laws are not good laws, then change them. Don’t call me, or Twitter or tweet, or go to the press with outrageous stories about how we do business or why we’re deporting somebody.