More Than 585,000 Immigration Cases Are Backlogged in US Courts

May 17, 2017
10:33 AM

A new report from TRAC Immigration said that 585,930 immigration cased are waiting for a decision in United States courts. That number is an “all-time high,” according to TRAC’s report.

“On average individuals have currently been waiting 670 days, and may have to wait much longer before their cases will be heard,” the TRAC report said. “Nine courts that currently account for a quarter of this backlog require some individuals to wait for more than four additional years from now before a hearing is scheduled. The Immigration Court in San Francisco with nearly 42,000 backlogged cases has some individuals waiting for more than five additional years—as much as 1,908 days longer—for their July 21, 2022 hearing date.”

The TRAC report also said that “the existing large backlog and extraordinary wait times mean that some individuals are not scheduled to have their day in court until after President Trump’s current four-year term in office has ended.”

You can read the entire report here.