Students at University of Puerto Rico’s Río Piedras Campus Vote to End Strike

Jun 5, 2017
10:29 PM

On Monday, students from the University of Puerto Rico’s main Río Piedras campus voted to end a strike that has kept the university closed since March 28, several local outlets reported.

Students voted 2,209–82 to approve a motion that would re-evaluate the fight against Puerto Rico’s debt crisis, agreeing to reopen the gates of main campus by midnight Tuesday and return to the academic calendar on June 12. (The Río Piedras campus has 16,267 students.)

The student strike had initially spread throughout the island’s public university system —which will face massive cuts due to austerity measures imposed by the Puerto Rican government and the fiscal control board that essentially runs Puerto Rico’s finances now— but now students are thinking of new strategies to the issue. (This new strategy will always get an A+ for creativity.)

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