This One Rush Limbaugh Thread Proves How Stupid and Racist People Are About Puerto Rico

Jun 8, 2017
9:58 AM

For all the talk from Puerto Rico’s insular media about how the island WILL push for statehood after this Sunday’s plebiscite vote, we take a moment to remind people that there are plenty of #MAGA Americans who give zero shits about Puerto Rico. And since any real attempt for statehood will have to happen in the era of a Republican-controlled Congress and a Republican president and his “passionate” base, and even though the GOP might have said last year that it favors statehood for Puerto Rico, the mood in 2017 is different. Much different, and the following example will prove it: there are still plenty of Americans who think Puerto Rico is a cesspool.

It all started with the Young Cons’ following article, “Vote Being Held This Sunday In Puerto Rico To Determine Whether They Want To Become 51st State,” published the following excerpts:

“A heavily leftist territory, making Puerto Rico a state could mean two Democratic Senators and five Democratic House members added to Congress. Puerto Rico is home to 3.5 million Americans. It wouldn’t be ideal to add more liberals to Congress and to add a state with such problems.”

Granted, the Young Cons have probably never been to Puerto Rico, so the “heavily leftist territory” is pretty funny, but it might not be so funny when you see what so many people are saying about Puerto Rico here, in response to the Young Cons piece that was posted on Rush Limbaugh’s Facebook page:

We could go on and add more comments, but you get the point.

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