Watch This Emotional Plea From a Daughter Asking You to Help Stop Her Father’s Deportation

Jun 12, 2017
4:32 PM

This is María Christina Hernández. This is an an email she sent us today:

On June 6th, my dad showed up with his one-way ticket to Mexico for June 18th. However, he was granted another 3 weeks to remain in the country but was told to return the following week on Tuesday. My dad’s ICE check-in is tomorrow, June 13th at 9:00 am at 26 Federal Plaza in Manhattan. He was told to change his flight ticket for July 1st instead. Tomorrow they will tell us if they are going to allow him to stay more time or will tell him to leave on July 1st. The whole thing is just messed up. It’s just an ongoing, never-ending battle with these people.

This is her message to you:

This is what you can do to help: