Watch This Insane ‘Are You Here Illegally’ Rant by 7-Eleven Employee in Tampa

Jun 19, 2017
2:09 PM

File this one under: yet another bigoted rant against Latinos. As reported by ABC Action News in Tampa, a 7-Eleven employee went off on a Spanish-speaking customer. The customer filmed the rant and now it’s making the rounds. This is the video:

According to ABC Action News, Yasmany Rodríguez, who is of Cuban descent and a U.S. citizen, “took the video on his cell phone after he’d asked the clerk for a pack of cigarettes in broken English.”

Then the rant began.

After the video got attention, 7-Eleven shared this statement with ABC Action News: ““Every customer is important. The statements made by the sales associate were inappropriate and offensive. We are investigating the matter and will ensure it is handled appropriately.”

Really? You haven’t fired this guy already?