Canada Set to Deport Guatemalan Family (VIDEO)

Jun 21, 2017
2:56 PM

In case you are wondering if the deportation of Central American families is purely an United States thing, it’s not. The following video from Canada’s CBC News focuses on the fate of the Picón Duarte family. According to the video, the family’s parents and older son will be deported back to Guatemala while the family’s U.S.-born children will be sent back to the United States.

On Tuesday, CBC News confirmed that the deportations for the Picón Duarte family have been processed. They will be removed from Canada, even though Jilmar Picón Piñeda “thought he had applied to stay in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds, after being denied refugee status in 2011.”

The latest case out of Canada is not the only one. Last week, a Honduran family living in Saskatchewan is also getting deported.