Street Vendor Hero Benjamín Ramírez and the Fight Against Gentrification in LA

Jul 30, 2017
11:18 PM

Special guest host Brenda Gonzalez of Tamarindo Podcast joins us this week on Latino Rebels Radio!

We kick off the show with Benjamín Ramírez, whose story went viral earlier this week when a man knocked over his elote cart. Many saw this as a another form of gentrification and sparked a heated online debate. He will tell us what’s next for him.

Then we explore the anti-gentrification fight going on in Boyle Heights, where many residents are feeling left out by the decisions made by developers. Ulises Sanchez is a local community organizer who will give us the latest updates.

Finally, María Camila Montañez closes the episode. She has been reporting for on how the community has come together to support Benjamín Ramírez. She will give us her take on the reaction from the streets.