NPR’s Latino USA Just Reminded Everyone That ICE Is a Compassionless and Cold Police Force

Aug 4, 2017
4:41 PM

Leave it to our friends at NPR’s Latino USA to break down the human side of how ICE has been acting in the Trump age. On Friday afternoon, the award-winning team led by journalist Maria Hinojosa dedicated an entire hour on ICE’s tactics and how it is literally ripping families apart. The following “Detained” episode is another must-listen podcast. Special kudos to Latino USA producer Fernanda Echavarri for her reporting.

In the episode, Latino USA goes to an ICE check-in and a detention center to in Arizona. The show also explores the tensions between local police and ICE in Texas and also hear from the director of VOICE, ICE’s new office for victims of crimes committed by “illegal aliens.”

Here is the episode:

Featured image via Latino USA (John Moore/Getty Images)

Editor’s Note: Our founder now works for the production team that produces Latino USA, but he was not involved in the editorial decisions of this page on August 4, 2017.