Alex Michael Ramos, Who Identifies as Puerto Rican, Is Called One of Deandre Harris’ Charlottesville Attackers

Aug 16, 2017
8:15 AM

The social media rush to find out the white supremacists who beat up 20-year-old Deandre Harris on Saturday in Charlottesville has led to the discovery that one of Harris’ alleged attackers identifies as Puerto Rican.

Tweets from @afainatl Atlanta Antifascists shared some puzzle pieces together around Alex Michael Ramos (also known as Michael A. Ramos on Facebook, an account that is no longer active):

After these images started making the rounds, Shaun King went on Facebook on Tuesday to share the discovery about Ramos:

Dear Michael A. Ramos,

We caught you. Your Facebook friends reported you to me.

You are guilty of felony assault against Deandre Harris.

We downloaded all of the content off of your Facebook page before you deleted it – including your video and comments bragging about this assault.


A video of Ramos saying that he is not racist because he is “Spanish” and “Puerto Rican” has been posted by Atlanta Antifascists. The video was on Ramos’ Facebook feed before his his account was deactivated. It also shows Ramos discussing the assault on Harris.

In addition, before his Facebook was deactivated, Ramos was bragging about the attack and he was seen in Charlottesville wearing a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap.