LADAMA Releases New ‘Porro Maracatu’ Video

Aug 25, 2017
9:59 AM

As they prepare to release their first self-titled album, LADAMA on September 8, the four-women Latin American alternative music group recently released the video for their new song, “Porro Maracatu.”

The video takes you to different parts of South America where these women have shared their music, using colorful, diverse and urban scenarios.

After three years of traveling around the world, LADAMA is back together. The group’s first song, “Porro Maracatu,” combines different electric Caribbean and Latin American sounds. The name itself reflects the fusion.

The band finds inspiration in issues affecting each member’s own countries. But its main focus is to empower other women and to make sure they are more represented in the music industry.

LADAMA also challenges the current anti-immigrant narrative in the United States by mixing sounds from different parts of the world to demonstrate a world with no barriers.

The group’s U.S tour starts on September 7 at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 in New York.


María Camila Montañez is a journalism student at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism’s Spanish-language program. She is originally from Colombia and tweets from @mariacmontanez.